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Bored at Home?? Recommends 7 Things for You to do!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Recently, countries worldwide are issuing a high lock-down period and everyone is advised to stay in their own homes in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. Suddenly, it dawned to you that you have a lot of time to spare now. But what can I do apart from the daily needs such as eating, showering, sleeping, etc.? Truth is, many do not know how to spend their time wisely.


by Dr. Yap Chen Sing / April 20, 2020, 9:30 PM


Curious on how others spent their quarantine period, we asked young people what did they do these few weeks. Their typical reply was that of playing computer games, binge watching K-dramas (Korean dramas), and sleeping. Then we asked some middle-aged people, and the majority of them were primarily voices of CONSTANT concerns and worries of buying food, what to cook for their families, what else do we have left in stock, etc. There is the emotion of fear in their replies.

There's a popular saying: "Time and tide waits for no man." Sure enough, the lock down is not going end anytime soon, then again, why spend your entire period of self-quarantine in self-wallowing, fear, and idleness? God does not want His servants to be idle as well. Remember those days when you said you didn't had time for this and this, now, we doubt you could say the same. In this article, WEiTV recommends seven things you can do to fully utilize your time at home during these difficult times.

Ephesians 5:15‭-‬17 Be cautious not to be like a fool, but to be like a wise man. Cherish time, because the present generation is evil. Don't be a foolish person, but understand the will of the Lord.

1. Exercise

We often make excuses to say that we do not have time to exercise, yet, now that we have the time and still we do not exercise, then when should we exercise? We're not encouraging people to start coming out from their homes and disobeying the law, but we're encouraging you to live healthy and moving your body. Plus, it is a good to dance with your roommates/family together in practicing physical fitness and move together! Tips: Find some sports videos on the Internet and do them together. For example, you could search up Muay Thai, some 30-mins abs training exercises, or if you are those more artistic types, you should try doing some dancing! Ballet, breakdancing, etc. are all available and free online. All you need to do is to make the first step!


2. Singing/Doing Music

Music is very effective when it comes to relieving stress. Grab a guitar, or play some YouTube worship songs and singing along to them. Singing hymns and making melody to God alone. Know that singing songs and meditating on God's grace, His presence will be with us.


3. Online Courses

Many online courses are now free and easily accessible. Rather than spending time looking at the COVID-19 death rates, you should probably use this time to enrich your knowledge instead. The online course content is all-inclusive: Chinese, culture, science, beauty, fashion, technology, interpersonal relationships, literature, and more! There must be some courses you like.

Tips: edX, Coursera, Skillshare, and Duolingo are a few great options to start.


4. Evangelism

Use WhatsApp, Zoom, or various other social media platforms to share the Gospel. Every day, I remember the names of one or two non-Christian friends. Pray for them, and then contact them to encourage them with scripture. Even a short call or text means a lot to people.

"We must preach, be attentive whenever possible, and use all kinds of patience and various lessons to blame, warn, and persuade people." - 2 Timothy 4: 2


5. Read the Bible Read 10 chapters a day. WEiTV also introduces our Bible reading plan. By following the set schedule, you are able to finish the New Testament within two weeks.

Here's the link. Enjoy! "Please teach us how to count our days so that we can gain wisdom." - Psalm 90:12


6. Organize the House

You can clean and pack your house. I believe there must be some places that haven't been packed for a long time. Throw away the extra garbage or donate things. The mood in your house is sure to lighten up.


7. Write a Diary

Record your thoughts or feelings and reflect on your life. Quiet yourself and rethink the direction of life. Plan your life again. For example, if you do n’t go out for a month, it will make you mentally devastated. You may need to understand how to think positively or seek professional help. And if you do n’t work for a month, you won’t have enough money. Then you may have to plan for your own economy. How do I save money next time? If you get fat in a month, you may want to consider how to learn self-control!

But I have already done all these things, now what?

Persevere in long-suffering and REJOICE! Let us wait for Jehovah at home together. Even though the world will probably never be the same again because Christ is coming back, but believe that after this epidemic has passed, we will rise as if we were spreading our wings.

"But those who are waiting for the Lord will regain their strength. They will rise like wings of eagles; they will not be sleepy when they run, but not tired when walking." - Isaiah 40:31

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