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About Us

教会的服事… ​一直到全地敬拜祂!
2019年开始了新媒体WE iTV事工。
2022年开始筹备MKIHOP (Mont Kiara International House of Prayer) 向万国万民传福音。

WE Worship was founded by Dr Yap Chen Sing in 2004, which started with music evangelism across Asia, conducting about 1,000 evangelistic meetings over 10 years, leading more than 5,000 souls to Christ.
In 2011, WE Worship begun responding to the House of Prayer's vision, and joined the end-time worship and prayer movement in Malaysia, helping numerous churches to commit to the Harp & Bowl worship lifestyle.
God led WE Worship to begin having Sunday services in 2016.
WE Worship is committed to evangelism, worship, prayer, and church ministry... Until the Whole Earth Worships HIM!
2019 began WE iTV Christian Media Ministry.
2022 began MKIHOP (Mont Kiara International House of Prayer), spreading the gospel to all nations.



『Let the whole earth sing to the Lord! Each day proclaim the good news that He saves!』

=1 Chronicles 16:23=


Our Mission

1. 推动末世敬拜祷告运动,建立祷告殿。(启 5:6-14)

  To join the end-time worship and prayer movement (Rev 5: 6-14)

2. 与主建立亲密关系,成为主的新妇。(启22:17-20)

  To become Jesus' bride who encounters His heart (Rev 22: 17-20)

3. 宣扬福音,装备基督门徒。(马太28:18-20)

  To commit to evangelism and the making of Christ's disciples (Mt 28: 18-20)


Our Vision



Evangelism · Worship · Prayer
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